Q: Current cost of living in AUSTRALIA per month.
Answer: Food & Accommodation $300-400/month. Transport, Phone and other miscellaneous $125.00.

Q: Does cost of living in AUSTRALIA varies within its territories.
Answer: Not exactly.

Q: Is student required to pay tax for his/her earnings from his part-time job? Will a student can re-claim the tax?
Answer: Everyone should pay the tax, and they can claim in the year end.

Q: Is the % of tax same for every trade?
Answer: Yes. The variation only depends on the total annual income.

Q: What would be the average earning of a student if he/she could work completely for 80hrs/in a month?
Answer: The student can work 20 hours per week. Salary $10-20, an average student can earn monthly Approx. $800-1200.

Q: Will part-time working hours will be reduced in near future like that of UK?
Answer: Not predictable.

Q: How long might be taking a Registered Nurse to bring their spouse to Australia.
Answer: Positively within one year.

Q: The link where we could get the information regarding Skilled Occupation List?
Answer: www.australia-migration.com, www.immi.gov.au

Q: If in case visa got rejected, what all are the loss that the candidate would have to suffer?
Answer: Visa application fee AUD. 540.00

Q: Would there be any reduction in fees refunded?
Answer: If rejected the visa Full fees will be refunded.

Q: What is the average time duration for student visa processing?
Answer: 45-75 days

Q: Where is Australian embassy located in India?
Answer: Delhi

Q: Where is the medical taken in Kerala?
Answer: Trivandrum

Q: Points how is it categorized based on age, language proficiency, age, & etc...?
Answer: For more information: www.workpermit.com/australia/point_calculator.htm

Q. Can my spouse/ Children accompany me to Australia?
Answer: Yes, your spouse and dependent children can accompany you; however there are processes which need to be followed. Feel free to contact us for more details.

Q. Can I work in Australia during my studies?
Answer: You are eligible to work 20 hrs per week on student visas. A spouse accompanying the applicant may also be eligible to work with time restrictions. This is not applicable for master’s degree courses for which there are no time restrictions.

Q. Can I drive in Australia?
Answer: You can drive in Australia, with an international license, during your stay as a student. Terms may change as per change in visa status.